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The Pier Surfboard Shower - Elite


This beautiful wood look known as "Balsa" is painted on and repeats itself in the back. With a nod to vintage surfboards from the 50's this shower is sure to get attention wherever she gets installed.

The outdoor surfboard shower has a traditional feel to it with is components plus so many great features listed below:

⇢ Showerhead and spout for foot rinsing

⇢ Hot and cold water lines are standard
⇢ No plumber required to install
⇢ Water efficient
⇢ High-end shower components

⇢ Copper plumbing 
⇢ Individually handcrafted
⇢ Personalize your surfboard shower with a name
⇢ Structure mount or stand-alone
⇢ Hang it up, connect your water source or hose and you're showering in no 

 Please specify the name or city you would like the shower to feature (up to 40 characters) during check out in the "notes" field.

After you've placed your order, we will contact you to finalize details. Due to the hand-painted nature of this item, colors may vary slightly. Upon check out, buyer agrees to 
Purchase Terms.

Purchase Terms: By purchasing Strand Boards® outdoor shower I agree to the following: This is an outdoor shower. Wear and tear is normal and expected. We can neither control nor are responsible as a result of exposure to environmental effects, including rusting and improper installation. Strand Boards is not responsible for compliance with local city and building codes. It is solely up to the purchaser to determine these rules and comply with them. If any damage is incurred by any users it is solely up to the purchaser to repair and replace parts of the surfboard and its plumbing. Strand Boards® warranty on exterior plumbing components is covered for a period of one year. These warranties begin on the date the product has been purchased. The warranty does not include damage from freight carriers, faulty installation, failure to comply with cleaning and maintenance instructions, or freeze damage, and will become void if merchandise is damaged from misuse, improperly maintained or installed, or modified without authorization. We suggest bringing your shower in during extreme heat/cold weather, components/surfboard can incur major damage. Strand Boards® is not responsible in any way if the buyer/institution fails to do this.  All our items are handmade and hand- painted, no two items are alike, and therefore may vary. Care instructions and mounting directions will be provided with the delivery of the shower, but some modification and/or customization may be required given each handmade product’s unique features. Buyer/Institution may not reproduce, modify, adapt, or distribute, our product, items or manuals in any shape or form. All rights reserved. Patent pending.

Time frame is 6 to 8 weeks.

Pick up Available in Lawndale, CA.


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