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Simone LeBlanc

DayBreak Gift Box by Simone LeBlanc


For the dawn. A gift designed to inspire cleansing of the inner and outer self. Inspired by the feeling of reawakening, a fresh outlook and the feeling of watching the sunrise over the early morning mists of the Pacific Ocean. Featuring: Canyon Coffee Golda Atmposhpere Mist + Soap Crystal Geode Simone LeBlanc x Valerie Confections Daybreak Chocolate Bar Wooden Palate Whitewashed Maple Wood + Brass serving board Simone LeBlanc silk bandana w/ metallic eye embroidery (opal) Sage + Palo Santo Simone LeBlanc natural vegetan coaster set Simone LeBlanc Pastoral Candle (burn time 40 hrs) Simone LeBlanc giftbox with opal and gold foil hand painted lid

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