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Every Day Face Moisturizer


A nourishing moisturizer for adventurous people who look after themselves.

A super-charged moisturizer that, used daily, will help maintain the strength and vigor of the collagen fibers in your skin, leaving it firmer, plumper and glowing. Ingredients supporting this excellent transformation include the juice of Bulbine Frutescens, a drought-resistant succulent that when used for skin, is known to be moisture-replenishing and soothing, as well as the plant-based amino acid, Hydroxyproline, which is said to be more effective than vitamin C for protecting the collagen in your skin. Agave helps defend against the effects of the sun, and Samphire is a potent, mineral-rich skin smoother from the ocean.

Key Ingredients: Samphire, Bulbine Frutescens, and Agave

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