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"Campfire" Box - Gardenias & Candle


High Camp's signature Gardenia Gift Box and Palo Santo Candle set balances the captured essence of gardenias' feminine scent with warm Palo Santo. The ultimate in fragrance luxury, our "CampFire" Box delights with a gorgeous hand-painted, gold-glass, three-wick candle surrounded by freshly cut vine gardenias shipped straight from the farm, together with a bundle of burnable Palo Santo smudge sticks. Gift packaged in High Camp’s signature high-end boxes with a luxury hand-written notecard, the farm-fresh flowers are shipped with FedEx Priority Overnight for a true farm-to-door experience.

The vine gardenias will open and blossom over 3-4 days while providing a continuous fragrance. Palo Santo, a Brazilian “holy wood," has a rich and complex scent known to provide health and spiritual benefits. Burn these sticks and use as a home fragrance wherever desired.

High Camp Premium Gardenias are cut to order and sent priority overnight from our California farms for ultimate freshness. They arrive in a black signature gardenia box.

Shipping included in price; everything ships within 2-5 business days via FedEx Priority Overnight.

*Not available for same day shipping

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