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Surya Spa

Surya Spa Bath Soaks


A healing Ayurvedic spa treatment in the luxury of your own home or hotel room.

Surya Spa's healing bath soaks contain 4 pounds of organic Ayurvedic herbs, and a healing combination of organically mined sea salt and epsom salt. Each tube contains a bag of salts and a satchel with healing Ayurvedic herbs, making for one wonderful bath.

Each bath is one container—in other words, you pour the entire 4 pounds into one luxurious, healing bath. If you're seeking a profound change, you can soak in a bath every night for a week, or two to three times a week. Or, simply enjoy an Ayurvedic bath whenever you need some effortless and lasting relief that begins, really, the minute you dip into the warm, healing and herbalized water.

  • Vata Calming: dissolves stress and opens the heart; profoundly relaxing; lavender + ashwaganda
  • Pitta Cooling: harmonizes emotions, revitalizes skin and promotes serenity; rose petals + neem leaves
  • Muscle Relief: reduces inflammation, soothes soreness and increases circulation; calendula + arnica flowers
  • Hormone Balancing:  restorative, grounding and emotionally calming; soothes pms; wild yam + shatavari



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