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The Lost Explorer

We’re a lifestyle company working in partnership with Nature to outfit you for the adventure of everyday life.

Why We Started A Brand: We started a brand to try harder and do things better. Sure, the world needs another lifestyle brand like a hole in the head. But we hope this isn’t another lifestyle brand. It’s one made with a massive amount of extra care, consideration, love, and way better stories.

Why are we doing it now:

Because something is happening. Yes, on the surface, there’s some scary stuff. Underneath though, there is something way more real and beautiful: a common recognition of what is good, true and right, and that we’re all 100% connected to each other and the planet. This is the deep reality, whatever anyone wants us to believe.

Why We're Doing It in Venice Beach:

Because of the horizons, the ocean and the tacos at Casa Linda. And because you can get lost here. In this city of dreamers, we can all dream.

 If You Belong Here:

 Of course you do. Everyone (E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E) is welcome. So if you like the products, then rad, we would love you to buy some. If you want to just hang out, then please, stay as long as you want. Only, be ready: you might meet a mezcal maker who plays music to his agave plants so that the bacteria aren’t bitter, or a scientist who invented a meme that will probably save the planet.




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